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Soil and water conservation

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 Shaanxi Soil and Water Conservation Technology Development Co., LTD

        Shaanxi Soil and Water Conservation Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group Company specializing in soil and water conservation business。Founded in February 2010, the company acquired Shaanxi Environmental Protection Industry Group in September 2015, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan。Now has the construction project water conservation plan preparation qualification (3 stars), water conservancy industry (soil and water conservation) professional Class B design qualification, soil and water conservation engineering supervision qualification。
        Shaanxi Soil and Water Conservation Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the preparation of soil and water conservation program for development and construction projects, preliminary design of soil and water conservation, soil and water conservation monitoring, soil and water conservation supervision, completion acceptance of soil and water conservation facilities, comprehensive management of small watershed, soil and water conservation planning, ecological environment management program, environmental emergency plan and other businesses。
       Since 2016, the company has successively undertaken the 2016-2019 planning of Shaanxi Soil and Water conservation compensation management project, Weinan soil and water conservation planning, Shaanxi Xunyang Renhekou Hydropower Station project Soil and water conservation plan, Baohan Expressway Pingkan to Hanzhong (Shimen) section of the project soil and water conservation preliminary design, Datang Dingbian Oil Farm Phase II project water conservation supervision, Shaanxi Neng LinyoulowWater conservation monitoring of caloric value coal power generation project, technical assessment of acceptance of soil and water conservation facilities of 20MW photovoltaic power generation project in Shigatse County, and comprehensive soil and water loss control project of Shimagou small watershed in Jingyang County in 2014 have nearly 80 businesses,The output value is more than 20 million yuan。
       Under the correct leadership of Shaanxi Environmental Protection Industry Group, the company's soil and water conservation business covers the region and service industry gradually expanded, and strives to build the company into a first-class and well-known domestic soil and water conservation professional and technical service institution in Shaanxi within five years, and make greater contributions to promoting beautiful Shaanxi and beautiful China。